"I am very pleased with the barn and the crew that erected the building leaving the site clear of rubbish. Please pass on my thanks for a great job. "
5 Bay Round Barn
February 2013    
"Thanks for erecting the Bin Cover so quickly. I have used the 4 wheel motorbike to pull the roof off and it works well."
Bin Cover
February 2013

"We were very impressed with the roofers - they worked all day on a Sunday, never stopped."
Peter and Bo 
New Roof
December 2012

"We would like to acknowledge the awesome work the guys did with the shed. The workmanship is wonderful and the guys worked well together. We will have no hesitation in recommending your sheds to friends and family. Please pass on our gratitude to the team of guys."
Sharon and Vaughn
6 Bay Round Barn
May 2008

"Fred and his team erected the existing shed in 2002 and it was a pleasure to have Fred back again and have tradesmen on the property that knew what they were doing. I complemented them so and am very happy with the job done."
2 Bay Gable Extension
June 2008

"We have enjoyed the young men and their manners. They have made a lot of friends amongst our local community, they are a crew that made a good impression and will be dearly missed. And apart from having good appetites, they can play pool! Thank you for the opportunity to cater for your men and for your prompt payment which allows small operations like ourselves to continue our service without any hardships to our clientele."
Kaihu Tavern
June 2008

"Can you please pass on to the guys our THANKS and appreciation. What amazing workers!
So thorough and very professional. Much appreciated."
GB & Dallas

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